Mark 16:15 (KJV) And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Our missions program is one of the most important ministries at Bear Trail. We believe the Bible teaches that as Christians, we have two options: GO or SEND! Through the hard work and sacrifices of our wonderful church, God has allowed us the privilege of partnering with many missionaries in our efforts to get the gospel around the world.

Below is a list of missionaries supported by Bear Trail Baptist Church. Please note that some missionaries are excluded from this list, due to the sensitive nature of their field.

  • The Bowmans, Maine
  • The Cadenheads, Zimbabwe
  • The Castellaws, Hawaii
  • The Fairs, Papua New Guinea
  • The Faucettes, Missions help
  • The Fluech Family, South Africa
  • The Fussners, Ethiopia
  • The Haleys, Belgium
  • The Hamiltons, Moldova
  • The Holts, Sierra Leone
  • The Irvins, Uganda
  • The Jensons, Navajo Reservation
  • The Kesselers, Bulgaria
  • James Knox, books and materials
  • The Mahers, Ukraine
  • Myles Maher, Seaport Ministry, AL
  • Michael Meyer, Mexico
  • The Muscotts, Seaport Ministry, VA
  • The Mustards, Sierra Leone
  • The Richs, Zimbabwe
  • The Rues, Ukraine
  • The Sanchezes, Costa Rica 
  • The Seremaks, Papua New Guinea
  • The Shews, ROA Prison Ministries
  • The Suttles, Maine
  • The Thompsons, Philippines
  • The Wiricks, Myanmar 
  • BRN Radio
  • Project Thessalonica, Greece
  • Crossroads Men’s Rescue Mission
  • Gleaning For Christ Printing Ministries
  • Helps Ministries, Cuban Nationals
  • Quiet Heart Woman’s Rescue Mission
  • Spring City Baptist Church, Radio Station
  • Victory Baptist Press